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    After Effects continues to produce errors when rendering with QT

    Frame Farmer

      To whom it may concern,


      AE continues to offer crash with "bad output module" error about 10 seconds into rendering any QT file.

      This has been an intermittent issue over the last couple of CS iterations and is usually solved by uninstalling QT and/or AE and re-installing, but since January--nothing helps.


      I've rolled back to previous versions of QT, uninstalled and reinstalled.  I've updated and reinstalled anything Adobe I can find on my hardware--including removing older versions and in my most recent iteration of this persistent flaw CS6 and QT were freshly installed on a new HD with little else to interfere.


      I've systematically deleted individual codecs in an effort to isolate the errant unit without success, altered TCP handles as suggested in Todd Kopriva on his blog (http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2011/02/troubleshooting-quicktime-errors-with-after-ef fects.html).  I've scoured CC and monkeyed with QTCore and MediaCore as suggested heavily for CS5.5 users, but these were all misguided anyway as CS6 has a unique render engine architecture if what they pass along at the user group is to be believed.


      Of interesting note, AE will render in H.264 selected outside of the QT option, and this was my workaround until the most recent update of AE has seemed to somehow restrict these files from being opened by QT even though the thumbnail generates and the file opens flawlessly in VLC.


      I am aware this very question has been asked in about four different ways at least a dozen times since CS5 rolled out and while a volley of suggestions litter the web--a viable solution remains elusive--at least for my rig(s).


      specs on rig1:  Dual Xeon E5-2670, ASUS Z9PED8WS, 64GB ram, Win7Pro, AdobeCloud--AE 11.0.2, DualGTX680's (SLI), Dedicated Disc Cache for AE: 300MB Velociraptor


      specs on rig2:  Dual Xeon 5680's, EVGA Classified SR-2, 32GB ram, Win7Pro, AdobeCloud--AE 11.0.2, Dual Quadro 5000's (SLI), Dedicated SSD for AE:  256MB class2 series2


      I've used older versions of QT dating back to 7.6.2 up to and including the 7.7.3.


      Anyone care to weigh in?