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    Gradual decrease in performance in allareas


      Hi, I am running PS CS6 x64.  PC details are

      Windows 8 professional 64bit

      LGA2011 i7 3820

      32GB RAM Quad Channel

      NVidia GTX560TI

      Several HDD's, scratch disk is a 2 disk stripe set

      Master Suite CS6 and LR 4.3


      All Adobe software is up to date

      Running latest NVidia drivers


      Up until recently Photoshop has been running OK.  Over the past week or so, when I have a file open, size and number of layers don't seem to make a difference, the performance gradually decreases to the point where using the pen tool to create 2 anchor point can take anywhere up to 20 seconds; this is just an example, this kind of slow down or lag happens with all tools. Shutting down Photoshop and restarting works, but after a few minutes it starts to slow down again.  Time taken to save files also increases once the slowdown starts


      Actions taken so far...

      I have reset all tool pre-sets

      Deleted all Photoshop settings files

      Purged history etc.

      Confirmed all drivers and software up to date

      Replicated the problem on small and large files with from 2 - 30 layers

      Replicated the problem on existing PSD and PSB files as well as with new raw files.

      Tried loading images from Lightroom and from directly within Photoshop

      Changed performance settings (history & cache, gpu, memory etc.) and tried multiple configurations including enabling/disabling "Use Graphics Processor"



      I can't think of anything else to try.  As mentioned, this is a fairly new problem that started about a week and half ago and is gradually getting worse.  I'm at the point now where I have to shut down Photoshop and restart it every 5 minutes.  I am a photographer, and when you have to do this for dozens of images, it becomes an untenable process.


      Can anyone suggest some new tests or remedies?