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    Can't embed Camtasia video

    BJeppson Level 1

      I have Robohelp 9 and Camtasia Studio 8. I created a short (1 min) video with sound and want to add it to my Robohelp Webhelp project. A click on a link in the topic should open up a separate page and play the video


      . It doesn't work.


      What I have already tried:


      • I tried inserting it as if it were done in Captivate, but of course that didn't work.

    • I tried Rick's (Captiv8r) suggestion to someone, creating replicating the Camtasia folders and their contents and also copying the iframe code from the Camtasia HTML page into the topic page. That didn't work.


      I'm still new at Robohelp and inherited a project started by someone else. She was able to insert a Captivate video with no problems, of course.



      • Can someone give me a good way to do this, or perhaps tell me what I'm missing?
      • Or, if that can't work, is there a way I can convert my Camtasia video to Captivate and import it somehow?


      Thanks. This is making me crazier than I already am and my deadline is upon me.



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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Two things. Check that the video file has been added to the RH project's baggage files. If this doesn't work, can you confirm exactly what isn't happening. For example is the file being found but just not launching?

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            BJeppson Level 1

            Reluctant as I am to admit it, this is my first Robohelp project and it was started by someone else. She did not create a folder labeled "Baggage Files." Would I find those files in a folder with a different name?


            By "video file" do you mean the .swf file or the .mp4 file or all those that are generated when Camtasia creates the video?

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5

              Sorry Buck. I should have taken a step back there. If you open the Project Manager pod the baggage files are listed there. Depending on how your project is setup though it may not be obvious they are there. I talked about a baggage file "folder" because I am a bit long in the tooth and remember the days when that was exactly what it was. It was a physical folder that only allowed baggage files. These days RoboHelp allows you to display the contents of your project in much the same way as any Windows Explorer folder. That is it displays topic files, style sheets, images, baggage files, etc. all in the same folder.


              In the Project Manager pod toolbar there is a Toggle Project Manager View button (see below). Clicking this changes the pod's view between a list of folders for topics, style sheets, images, baggage files, etc. and a flat list with file types identified by an icon. If you display the files in a list of folders you'll see a Baggage Files folder. If you display your files in a flat format, baggage files are identified by a suitcase icon (see below).

              RH_Proj_Man.png     RH_Proj_Man_Files.png

              To add a baggage file, right click on either the Baggage File folder (if it is displayed) or on any file if you are displaying the flat structure. Use the New > Baggage File menu item to navigate to the Camtasia file. Once you save the project, the baggage file will be displayed in the Project Manager pod. Compile your output and let us know if this works.

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                BJeppson Level 1

                Thank you so much. After travel and major interruptions, I am finally back on this project.


                I replicated the structure of the the Camtasia folder in the Baggage Files and I still can't get it to work. Any other ideas before I start all over and redo it in Captivate?