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    Is there a fix for Multiprocessing yet?


      Hi, I tested out After effect a while ago in interest of purchasing it but I was quickly dipleased with various problems that occured. This was a mac.

      Now I just bought myself a pc workstation.


      32 gb ram

      nvidia 680 gtx

      ssd drives

      A sweet thing that would handle most stuff, so I thought I should give it a try again so I downloaded the trail version again this time for windows 8. And suprisingly enough I can not use Multiprocessing.. i goes 2 frames and then nothing happens for a while (if im lucky)... a lot of the time it freezes my computer and I have to reboot my computer... not so attractive adobe..

      Did some researched and from what I saw it looks like this is something thats been happening to some, and I havent found any answers.


      cleared all cache

      and allocated 8 cores with 3 GB ram wich leves quite enough for the system to keep on running in ordinary fashion.


      Have someone got past this issue? Im not spending that much money on a product that might work and might not work (in my case it doesnt right now)