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    EXPORT LONG FILES IN 1080p for Windows Media Player

    Dan Hyman

      Hello, need some help in exporting and encoding some large files from Premiere CS6.


      We have 4 Sequences, each totalling 45minutes in length and in 1080p (ProRes422).

      We need to export and encode for Windows Media Player as quickly as possible.


      Looks like each export is going to take over an hour from Premiere as "Match Sequence Settings"

      -keep in mind there is NO AUDIO.


      Once it's out of Premiere as an MPEG, I can transcode to any format. Ultimately WMV would be optimal,

      but we need to transcode the MPEG into a MOV file before 'Episode' will accept it, just to make the WMV files.


      Target files: (4) 1080p Windows Media Player compatible files


      Does anyone have a better workflow workaround? Midnight hour and need help!


      Thanks in advance,