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    fire effect in after effects


      alright i saw this video and im not sure how to do this i was trying and i can't really get close this is all in after effects no stock footage or anything


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are a million ways to make fire from Turbulent Displace to particle world. The idea is to create some flowing colored pixels then displace them then add some glow. You can start with Fractal Noise, add a mask, add some turbulent displace, throw in Colorama and add some glow. Pretty simple and pretty straight forward.


          You could also start with CC-Particle World and add in some glow, some turbulent displace and some glow. Maybe a little colorama on the side.


          A Google search for Fire in After Effects will bring up 4 or 5 video tutorials that demonstrate various approaches. I would call his effects fair to good. It takes a whole lot more layers, glows, lighting effects and color correction to make them great. Making fire effects great is a matter of doing the best with what you've got.


          This is a fire effect I pulled off for a made for TV movie that I shot. This is the first pass with very little color correction. The fireplace is Styrofoam and there was no chimney so we just put a light in the fireplace and replaced the light with a CGI fire. The fire is 99% AE 1% real fire, and not a very big one, filmed with my iPhone.


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            goku3344556677 Level 1

            ok so i don't have problem maing the shape but im looking at it a breakdown picture but the problem i having most problem with is the second breakdown "material stylize" could you tell me what material he used i know one of them is blur http://incendiafx.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=131890974

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Probably some Tint/ Tritone in there... In any case, why not simply try? You are overthinking this trying to mimic the style 100%.



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                goku3344556677 Level 1

                i really wanted this effect i searched over hours for this no fluid dynamic plugin for after effects so now all i got is this and trust me i tried and all of them failed the only thing close to fire is his, Rick's, and probably someone's else. So getting this effect would be so cool

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  If you really have "searched for hours", you could have/ should have stumbled upon a hundred tutorials explaining how to create fiery looks - anything from dedicated plug-ins to manual techniques as in the image. And you can hate me for saying this, but if you don't know how to create fire based on some basic artistic and technical concepts, a complex fluid simulation plug-in can't save your bacon, either. It's not that you can pick a preset there and have it look exactly the way you want it. You could spend hours tweaking and calculating teh simulatiuon and it may still look *naff*. Sorry, and I know this will come of rude, but I really think you need to work on your AE skills on a very general, basic level. Your problem is not how to create the fire, your problem is that you don't even understand some basic concepts in AE or how some effects work. There's really nothing to see in the link that a good dose of some particle tool, some glow, some blur and Add blending mode in 32bpc mode couldn't achieve...



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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    The fire effect that I created in the example was

                    1. A 32 Bit Project
                    2. A solid with Fractal Noise pre-composed
                    3. The pre-Comp with Colorama and turbulent displace
                    4. Another nested comp with Fractal noise used as a displacement map
                    5. A duplicate of the nested comp with blur and Colorama
                    6. The footage of a very small flame with a huge blur overlaid using the add mode to give flickering color values to the fire
                    7. A little more blur and Colorama, hue/saturation, Tri-Tone and probably some other color effects on other layers
                    8. Pre-composed all of the above and then duplicated the footage layer, but the fire pre-comp in between the copies.
                    9. Roto the boy walking in on the top copy of the footage layers
                    10. Some light wrap generated with the alpha from the roto, some blur and some more layers.
                    11. Manipulation of opacity blurs and color.
                    12. A bunch of other masks and color effects on duplicates of the fire, the footage and the light wrap layers to complete the effect.

                    I don't have the file in front of me but this is a fairly good representation of the 12 step and probably 15 or 20 layer comp it took to pull off the final fire effect. The shot as you see it was then further color graded to enhance the believability of the shot. As Mylenium said fire is not a single click magic button effect even if you pay for a plug-in that specifically was designed to create fire.


                    To tell you the truth, even compositing footage of real fire in a scene is a lot more than just a couple of layers and a matte. I've also done that on several projects and it always involved 8 or 10 layers to make it look 'real' to my standard of production.

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                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                      Mark Christiansen provides tips and detailed techniques for creating and compositing fire in the “Pyrotechnics: Creating Fire, Explosions, and Energy Phenomena in After Effects” chapter of After Effects Studio Techniques on the Peachpit Press website.

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                        goku3344556677 Level 1

                        i don't think you came off rude, but i see what you mean i have looked at the tutorials and it was not what i was looking for i wanted it a certain way i have used things like fumefx for real 3D based effects on 3D studio max but i want something that is right in AE i wouldn't want to render something in a png format it's not hard but i want something a certain and especially in 3ds max you have to add a video in a weird way so i wanted something that's right in there i have also used particular and particle illusion for after effects

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                          goku3344556677 Level 1

                          thanks i shall try this

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                            Matt Dubuque Level 1

                            Hi Goku,


                            Todd is correct about Mark Christiansen. 


                            You would be wise to include his name in your future Google searches re: after effects (and purchase his phenomenal book), it's a very efficient way to learn more quickly.


                            Mylennium's points shouldn't be passed over.


                            Spending your time learning the fundamentals can save far more hours over the long term than you spent on this particular search.


                            Just a thought.


                            If you are really pressed for time and that limits your choices dramatically, try tweaking and fiddling with all the settings in #5 (the blur and Colorama combination) of Rick Gerard's workflow that he was kind enough to share with us for free.


                            If you spend just 3.726 minutes exploring that, you would be astonished at all the fantastic things you've NEVER seen before on your screen,

                            Just 3.726 minutes. 




                            Good luck to you.  And enjoy! 


                            Matt Dubuque, 100 Trees




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                              aefilter Level 1

                              There's also a collection of tutorials that links to free projects:


                              Creating Fire in After Effects



                              BTW, the sample you posted looks like fire footage as a particle sprite, so Particular or other should work if you use the right fire footage.

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                                Klaus_Brandenburg Level 2

                                you could have a look at Turbulence2D from http://www.jawset.com/

                                It's an Fire and Fume physics simulation inside AE.

                                They have an awful documentation on their site but this tutorial should give you a good impression what it's about:

                                http://ae.tutsplus.com/tutorials/motion-graphics/play-with-fire-to-create-a-fiery-logo-tra nsition/