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    Help !!! Premiere Elements 10 has suddenly stopped working & will not load.

    Debbie Az

      Adobe Premiere Elements 10 has suddenly stopped working. It was working fine several days ago. Now it will load the initial screen only. If you select new project or open project, it either does nothing or after a long time brings up a grey screen and locks up the computer completely. Sometimes I get a message saying that I am using an incompatible dirver for my monitor - but I have checked the driver, it is the most current, and besides it is the same driver it was using a few days ago when it was working. If I select Organizer from the initial screen it brings up the grey screen with some text but no boxes filled in and then crashes, saying that it had to shut down. So basically, I have no idea where the problem is. I uninstalled and then reinstalled Premiere Elements 10. That did nothing. I have version 9 on my computer still, so I tried that and it behaved the same way as version 10. Any help would be much appreciated. BY the way, it is run on Windows 7 and I have made no major changes to my PC since It was working. Thanks!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It could be a recent update to Windows 7. Although it hasn't affected Windows 7 64-bit or 32-bit computers. I do make a point of weekly going to Windows Update and ensuring I've installed the non-critical updates as well as the automatic updates. These don't install automatically, but often include important drivers.


          It could be that you need  to update Quicktime. And, when you checked for your driver update, did you manually go to the nVidia or ATI site to do this?


          Meantime, when did  you last run Disk Cleanup and the Defragmenter on your computer?


          And how much free space is on your C drive?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve points out, also check out the video driver. The PrE GUI relies very heavily on the video driver (more than almost any other program on your computer), and it is fairly common for a simple Windows update to render the video driver obsolete, so that PrE cannot work with it. Sometimes, there is a warning message, but often not.


            What is the make and model of your video card?

            What is the number and date of your video driver - the one installed?

            Is that the latest from the nVidia, or AMD/ATI Web site - do not trust Windows, or any utility, to tell you if you have the very latest?


            If you do not have the latest driver, download and install it. Also see this FAQ Entry for the BadDrivers.TXT file, which will need to be Deleted: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/769303?tstart=0


            Good luck,



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              Debbie Az Level 1

              First of all thank you very much for trying to help.This has been a very frusrtating problem, because there seems to be no logic to it, and now I have it working but I have no idea why!!!!


              To help others though, and I am not so sure that this will not happen again...


              Having read previous threads, I had tried some of these things before posting this.


              First - video drivers -  I had checked this all out. Just my gut opinion, but I think this message(which I only got two or three times, when the problem first started) is possibly a misdirection. Logic wise, it makes no sense(and I never got it when trying to run version 11 at any time) - my computer, for instance, was running this program with the same driver, with no problem for years now, the last time being 2 days ago. Nothing had changed, so why crash now? And why would old versions of premiere elements now do the same thing. As well as a trial version of version 11. And if it was due to a windows update, why only a problem with premiere elements(the Adobe Pro video program, for example, loaded without a problem). Sorry, seems like I spent a lot of time, checking this out, to no avail.


              I did also as had been suggested, check the non-critical windows updates, and applied some of them. Still did not work. I also deleted the baddrivers.txt, and at that time it did not work either. Plenty of space on my C; drive, by the way. Tried these all on versions 9, 10, and trial 11.


              Then went back and deleted not only baddrivers,txt, but a couple of other newly generated .txt files in the same directory. This time I deleted these files from anywhere on my computer(including one in a real old version 4 directory) and restarted my computer. Strangely enough, it now worked. I am not sure why - something in the exact sequence of how I did it ??? Since I had deleted the files, the day before and it did not work, I am not sure that that was the complete answer and have no idea why those files were generated to begin with, or why premiere elements would be looking at files in old unused directories? If anyone has any idea why, I would love to know, as I am concerned that this will happen again and I do not believe that I truly know how to fix it.


              By the way, why did you ask about Quicktime, Steve? I ask this because I opened and used Quicktime Pro(something I rarely use) just before this happened. But if there is a relationship between the two programs, I am unaware of it??


              Again, thanks much for your help!



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                The good news is that things are working - for now.


                As for why/how things could change, regarding a video driver, even a simple OS update, or hot-fix, can render them obsolete - not all, but some. Because PrE needs to interface with the video driver more than almost any other program (extreme games, CAD and heavy 3D are exceptions), and much of the GUI is very heavily video driver intensive. If an OS update (usually set to automatically download and install, in the background, and transparently by default) is installed (often without the user even knowing about them), things can break. That is one reason why nVidia and AMD/ATI update their drivers about 1x per month.


                Though I recommend that others update their video drivers, when they have any launching, or GUI display issues, I do not do so, all that often - only when needed. I do all OS updates manually, and before I do, I do two things: create a New System Restore Point, and then plan on heading to the nVidia Web site, should I have any issues. [Unfortunately, on my laptop, with my nVidia chip and my current OS, I am at the end of the line, so no longer have that option - unless I move to Win7.]


                As Steve Grisetti mentions above, two other things that can affect launching, or crashing issues, are non-critical OS updates, and then updating of Apple's QT Player. However, with both of those, things do not normally work perfectly one day, but not the next, as can happen with a video driver, and an OS update.


                Good luck, and hope that things continue to work.


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                  Debbie Az Level 1

                  Thanks! Hopefully it continues to work. If not, at least I learned how to update video and monitor drivers.


                  I do wish though that these programs would generate better error messages. I only got the video driver message a couple of times, the other 90% of the time, my computer either just locked up completely, or windows said it had to close the program. Not much help for pinpointing the problem.


                  Again, thanks for your help

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Almost everyone, who has spent any time with computers, shares you feelings - the error messages are next to useless, or pointing in the wrong direction. Few programs are immune.


                    Probably the worst error messages, that I have seen over the last 10 years, have been with Adobe Encore, or the authoring components in PrE. The authoring modules in those programs are licensed from Sonic, and they do not talk really well with each other, with the abstraction layer in Encore, or PrE, and not well with the OS. Some really odd, and often useless error messages. Not exaclty sure how it is with PrE, but with Encore, it will get an error message from a Sonic module, and then has to guess what went wrong, as it does not get any real input - often those "guesses" are not even close.


                    Luckily, I do not have many error messages to troubleshoot on my computers, but see some odd, and often very useless stuff, from others' machines.


                    Good luck,



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                      nealeh Level 5

                      While there are many websites showing  made up error messages this one on a Microsoft developer forum has some interesting real examples:




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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Error messages are an interesting topic. Some programs do a better job with "useful" error messages, than do others. One of my favorites is: