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    animated buttons with 5 actions

    mermaidnyc Level 1

      hi everyone!


      i am looking for help with animated button actions. At the bottom is a link to the file


      on my buttons, i have the 3 below actions:

      1. mouseover: the yellow highlight rectangle animates in (below is the code on the action)



      2. mouseout: the yellow highlight rectangle animates in reverse



      3. click: rectangles move into position in the scroll (note: scrollTop changes with each rectangle)




      what i need help with are the following 2 things:

      A- i would now like the yellow highlight rectangle that animates in to stay in position when the mouse is clicked & not animate out on mouseout. It should animate out when the next button is clicked.


      I used "mousedown: but it doesn't work- must conflict with click



      B- in addition, i would like the yellow highlight to be "on" when the page first opens



      please correct my clumsy code on numbers 1-3. It is buggy & I'm sure there is a much better way to do this!!!!!


      here's the link to my file: https://www.yousendit.com/download/UVJpQ3QrUzc5NVZ2TzhUQw


      thank you all so much for your help!!!