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    Multi-Language RIA



      I need to develope an RIA in flex with multiple language support. When user select the desired language through list of languages, all the text of application must convert to that specific language. I will use either Cairngorm or Mate framework to develope the application with PHP as server side scriptting. Can anyone please help me in this context. It will be really very helpful.

      Thanks in advance.

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          GordonSmith Level 4

          Flex's ResourceManager supports dynamically switching between languages. For example, code like


          <s:Button id="b1" label="{resourceManager.getString('myResources', 'b1label')}"/>


          will cause the Button's label to update from English to French when you change resourceManager.localeChain from [ "en_US" ] to [ "fr_FR" ].

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            Yuvayu Level 1

            Thank you GordonSmith.

            Can you please give me any link of tutorial to work on this.

            Because by your post I am not getting exactly what effort I have to make.

            Thank you again.