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    displaying an array of movieclips

    schefz Level 1
      I am trying to create an array of several movieclips (they are actually just one frame graphics) that will display only one movieclip at any given time depending on a counter value.
      I setup an array with movie clip names in quotes

      var ChlogoAr:Array = new array("sixties","fifties","forties");

      The only way i know how to make this work is to palce all the movieclips on the stage, but outside the document area, then change the ._y value of the one I want displayed

      ChlogoAr[2]._y = 40;

      but actually, that doesnt work. Is there a way to accomplish this? Ideally, I would want to setup a placement holder and then display whichever movieclip that matched up with the counter. thank you for any advice.