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    Unsigned Java Applets in Webhelp


      Robohelp creates the following files in the webhelp output:


      • webhelp.jar
      • whres.xml
      • whskin_papplet.htm


      We have been using Adobe Robohelp since version X5 and in most cases, the above files were found in the webhelp output folder. These files are deployed in the application and I assume that they are required for the webhelp to work as expected.


      I would like to get the following information:


      1. Are the above applets digitally signed by Adobe (since Robohelp version X5)?
      2. If not, what is the method to get these applets digitally signed by Adobe?


      This information is very critical for us and I request Adobe to please help with details. Please let me know if you require any other information. Thanks in advance.