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    Intermittent slowdowns among users.... please help!!




      We recently moved from an x-serve to a windows server and even though we had slowdowns before. Now we get intermittent slowdowns. Indesign freezes for about 1.5 minutes. This happens sometimes several times a day, somtimes a whole day can go without the slowdowns.


      The server is a HP DL380p gen8 with fast SAS-disk in Raid 5. Virtual Windows Sever 2012. No other users are affected by the slow downs. Only Indesign users and only some times. When we had the MAC-server, things were bad at times, but now it's clearly worse!!!


      We are also using ExtremeZ-ip-server for AFP-shares to the server.


      Edit: It seems that the connection to the server is broken when this happen as it disappears in finder.


      Any ideas?






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