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    How do I get other team members to review and mark footage who don't have CS6




      I'm using Premier Pro CS6 and and need to get sign off for 4-6 videos a day.


      In older versions of Premier Pro I used to be able to export a PDF with video embedded, that worked great.


      I've now found out in CS5 that CS Review replaces this functionality.


      Is there a simple way other than a pen a paper or spreadsheet that I can get collegues to review footage and feed back information back to me.







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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          CS Review for Premiere Pro was a feature in CS5, but following customer feedback it was removed and is no longer operational. PDF-based reviews in Acrobat Pro are the functional replacement within CS6, but they cannot be directly-created from within Premiere Pro or Adobe Media Encoder.


          You can certainly place a video into a PDF file using Acrobat Pro - but it has to be in a format supported by Flash Player (FLV, F4V or H.264).


          The workflow for CS6 is therefore:


          • Export media from Premiere Pro using H.264 or Flash Video presets at suitably-low quality.
          • Drag-drop the saved video file into Acrobat Pro
          • Comment Panel > Review > "Send for Shared Review"
          • It's advised to review using the automatic Adobe Online Services repository so that people don't have to re-upload the PDF file itself.


          [PS - there's a video tutorial for Acrobat X here - the UI is now a little different but the principles are the same ]