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    How to show clips on the (storyboard) Sceneline?

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      When I go to 'New Project' (at the Welcome screen), then click 'Get Media' to open a movie (WMV) the software (Elements 9) shows my clip as follows (please see attachment 1). So I drag that to the Sceneline (attachment2) or the Timeline (attachment3). I think I am doing it right, aren't I?


      However, I don't seem to be able to see a sequence of clips in the 'Tasks' area after pressing 'Get Media' - only that very first frame (attachment1). I have noticed that there is sometimes a little black arrow attached to the first clip that points to the right (black_arrow attachment) and when I click on that, then yes, I can see a sequence of clips. But, as with my attachment where I have marked it red, this black arrow doesn't always appear - I don't know why not, but I would like it to.


      How do I ensure, please, that I can see a sequence of clips (and not just the first one) when I press 'Get Media'?





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, I'd very much recommend you NEVER use WMVs as your source footage. They'll work -- but almost always with some less-than-desirable results and sometimes buggy behavior. It's also why your video has that watermark (black line) running across the middle of it.


          What model of camcorder did this original footage come from and how did you get it into your computer? You really should be using Premiere Elements' Get Media tools to capture or download your footage from your camcorder. The results will then be compatible with the program (assuming your camcorder produces standard consumer video, of course).


          Seconde, in order to answer your question, we'll need to know which version of the program you're using. Each version of the program handles its media/project assets a little bit differently.


          The "black arrow" you refer to in the second picture is the playback button. When you click it your video will play.


          So I'm not quite sure what you're wanting to see. Have you toggled open the little video and audio tracks by clicking on the little triangles on the track headers, on the left side of the timeline?


          Meantime, you may want to check out my free 8 part Basic Training tutorials for Premiere Elements 9 and 10. They may help you get up to speed with the program's basics.

          http://muvipix.com/products.php?searchphrase=intro+to+premiere+elements&btn.x=-920&btn.y=- 78

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            Hello Steve


            Many thanks for your reply.


            By the little 'black arrow', what I mean is that when I click on it I can see - in the Tasks area - that sequence of clips which follows on from the first clip you see. So instead of seeing ONLY this first clip:




            ...you can see in the Tasks area the sequence of clips that follows this first clip.


            Many thanks for the link. I have followed a couple of your tutorials already and I have found them very useful (I have them in my Favourites) and I do refer to them. I will take a look at the Mubipix link you have kindly uploaded.


            OK, a little background. I am only 'graduating' from Live Movie Maker and hope to get Elements 11 within the next couple of weeks. I am trying to make the transition from Live Movie Maker to Elements 11 by using the Trial version of Elements 9. The WMV file you see comes from a Samsung camcorder whose tape was edited in Live Movie Maker. I was just practicing with these WMV files while using the Trial version of Elements 9.


            In the foreseeable future with Elements 11, I will install the movie directly from the Samsung camcorder.


            Thanks again.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You are in the Media panel under the Organize tab. This will only show you the most recent media files added to your project.


              As I show you in my books and in my tutorials, you need to click on the Project button to see all of the media files that are in your project.


              Have you worked through my free tutorials yet?

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                SteveH59 Level 1

                Hello Steve


                Thanks again.


                I have worked my way through the lessons shown here:




                A bit later today I will go to the link you posted above, namely:


                http://muvipix.com/products.php?searchphrase=intro+to+premiere+element s&btn.x=-920&btn.y=-78


                Thanks for all your help again.