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    Re colouring greyscale or bitmap tiffs

    Pete Law

      Firstly I'm sure this question must have been asked before but I am unable to find a suitable answer. I wish to recolour a bw tiff in InDesign so that the grey channel within the tiff shows as white/paper, and the white areas of the tiff are transparent, allowing me to overlay a white image of the greyscale tiff on top another image, texture, gradient or graphic pattern. This is a quick and simple process in Quark Xpress but Indesign doesn't seem to have this capability. Can anybody help?


      e.g. I have a black and white tiff of a logo and I wish to reverse this out of a photograph. In Quark Xpress I would change the image colour to 'white', the box colour to 'none' and the image background colour to 'none'. Simple.


      Any ideas?