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    Adding no right click?

    lostintn Level 1

      Hey DWers -


      I've been looking into adding a no right-click option to my website. I know that's a bit churlish and flies in the face of the community spirit that has made the Internet what it is today but at the same time, I've paid for all but one of my images (got permission for that one), and have spent hours writing content. It's a bit frustrating that someone can come along and just take something I've worked hard to create.


      I know there is no way to totally disable the right-click option, but most of the "bleeps" are lazy (hence, they steal) so they may not be willing to implement a bypass. Right now it's like I'm leaving the key in the ignition of my car and making it easy to steal. I'd like to at least make them break the window and go through the work of hotwiring the ignition.


      I've done some research and it look like a java script is the way to go. Is this correct? Does it matter to DW? Will it affect a responsive design? Just add it to the head area of the source code?


      I'd love to hear your opinions on this as well. As I mentioned - I realize it's a bit mean-spirited. Thanks.



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          Luke-Optima Level 1

          you can try secure images etc but people always have print screen etc so it's a losing battle


          try http://www.hypergurl.com/norightclick.html

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            Ben M Adobe Community Professional

            That's not really going to deter them. They can just disable javascript or view the source. It's hardly the equivilent of breaking a car window. It's more like closing the door and leaving it unlocked instead of ripping the door of its hinges.  If you paid for the images (ie: gettyimages, istock, masterfile, etc) then don't worry about them stealing the image.  They will get a letter in the mail like millions of others who have stolen or have legitimately purchased images ( http://www.extortionletterinfo.com/ ).  As far as content, even right clicking won't disable copy/paste of content. Just highlight and ctrl/cmd+c.  Focus on making a good site, search engine friendly and promote it well and you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

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              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The ONLY way to keep people from taking your images displayed online is not to display them online, period.


              In order for an image, or literally any part of a website, to be viewed on a user's computer, the code and images (and any other media) is downloaded to their machine. Since it is downloaded to their machine, they have access to every part of it.


              The best option to avoid actual theft of images displayed online (not just some guy saying "hey this is nice, I want to use it as a desktop background") is to watermark your images. Look at all of the image vendors out there, they do not make the full high rez versions without watermarks available until you purchase them, otherwise there is always a ghost image of their logo over their products.


              Anything less is EASILY defeated.

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                hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hello Chris,


                here my "two cents" and some voices from other persons stored in my library:


                If you really want to try it, here my draft: http://hansgd.de/AdobTest/alertBox/alertBox.php. I'll give you here the link to a German website (no problem to adapt the source code) where you can create an alert box (BUT I remember David Powers "substantiation of opposition" to it): http://www.6webmaster.com/homepagetools/klicksperre/do.php


                Rechte Maustaste sperren Generator > (der Albertbox-Text erscheint bei Rechtsklick eines Besuchers) > Gewünschter Text für Alertbox:

                means something like:

                Right Mouse Button Lock Generator > (Albertbox the text appears when right-clicking a visitor) > Suggested text for alert box:


                To discourage theft, use watermarks, lower quality images and/or digital watermarking like



                Nancy O.:

                Anything you publish on the web can be downloaded and saved.  If you have fears about copyright infringement...


                1) If you don't have rights, don't publish it.

                2) If you own it, Watermark it with your URL or Logo.

                3) Digitally register content.

                4) Post disclaimers.

                5) Cross fingers & hope for the best....

                Good luck, Nancy O.


                Thereover there is a wonderful philosophical discussion: http://webhome.idirect.com/~bowers/copy/copy1.htm.



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                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  From a usability standpoint, disabling right click prevents people from accessing advanced browser features which is never a good thing. It won't stop pirating for those who are intent on doing it and serves to annoy regular visitors who mean no harm.  Don't do it.


                  Nancy O.

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                    lostintn Level 1

                    Okay, thanks for the input - I appreciate the different viewpoints.