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    How to swap movieclip with other content, in a movieclip loaded external

      Hi! I'm getting desperated.

      I started about 3 days ago trying to solve this problem, maybe i'm very noob!

      I have a main movie. Inside this, i load various externals swf's. One swf for a menu, another for a image presentation, etc.
      In the menu, i load various instances of another swf file... a button swf, and witch one has to have a different image as button.
      So inside the button, i have a layer with a button, but no shape or nothing, and in another layer, i have a movieclip to can swap by an image.
      So, the struct is like this:

      Main Movie
      . image_presentation
      . contact
      . menu
      . . button1
      . . . button
      . . . image
      . . button2
      . . . button
      . . . image
      . . button3
      . . . button
      . . . image
      . . button4
      . . . button
      . . . image

      So, button is only a swf file, with various instances. "button" inside the buttons, make the button efect, with a white border apearing on mouse over button. "image" is a movieclip created only for change with an image (button 1 = image 1, button 2 = image 2, etc).

      How can i do this, controlling the images url's from the main movie?? I had tried a lot of ways, but i could do it.

      Please help.

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          clbeech Level 3
          sorry there but this system seems convoluted and unecessary. You should be able to achieve nearly any 'effect' using either a single button instance, or a movieclip instance used as a button, but should not need multiple instances to do so, or multiple swf files Each button symbol has three 'states' that you can apply different 'images' to to achieve an 'effect'. You can even put movieclips in a button state to animate something during the triggering of that state. It seems that you should be able to at least place all of the buttons within the 'menu' in a single swf (not to mention that they could all be within the main swf) instead of 'loading' them as individual swf files.

          What is it that you're trying to control? the 'images'? what do you want them to do, and how are you wanting them to be controled?
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            joeflashTO Level 1
            The problem may be that you're trying to call assets that may not be fully loaded yet. Post some code, let's see what you have here, and we'll see if we can't help you out. Try this:

            1. In Flash, Select Window > Movie Explorer;
            2. In the Movie Explorer panel, besides 'Show:' click the right-most
              button, 'Customize what items to show';
            3. Select > Show: 'ActionScript', 'Layers', 'Frames', Context: 'Movie
              Elements', 'Symbol Definitions'
            4. Go to Movie Explorer panel Properties > Copy All Text To Clipboard;
            5. Paste into a text document; select only relevant code, and paste
              into the code portion of your reply post.