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    How to create a fixed Layout ePub?


      I'm trying to create a photography book to sell as an ePub and on the kindle store - I've made plenty of iBooks and published them in the iBookstore - unfortunately one has recently been rejected because of Apple's censorship rules. My books look exactly the way i want them to in iBooks and want to recreate them as closely as possible to sell as mobi and epubs. I've noticed that unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a program similar to iBooks Author for making epubs... I've tried InDesign CS6 for epubs but moved to Pages as I thought it might be simpler.


      So far I can't find any thing that explains step by step how to make fixed Layout epubs - in any program- usually I use Lynda.com but they only have fixed layout epubs for the iBookstore. My knowledge on inDesign and iBooks author is quite good but my knowledge on HTML is limited. Is this accomplishable?