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    Flash Asset Xtra

      I'm getting a message:

      "This application requires an xtra (Flash Movie . . .) that does not exist or failed to initialize properly. Please make sure the appropriate xtras are in the xtras folder."

      When I'm trying to launch a Windows projector. Inside the same folder as the projector I have an Xtras folder with Flash Asset.x32 and Flash Asset Options.x32. Can anybody please help me out. Thanks in advance.
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          You never need an options xtra for a projector - they are authoring-only
          xtras and provide the dialog boxes you see when you go to configure a
          What version is the Flash Asset xtra and what version is the projector?
          Try creating the projector as "fast-start" with no xtras or libraries
          packed into it and be sure to place them (xtras and dlls) in the 'xtras'
          folder you cited.