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    Form Fillable pdf


      Is it possible to produce a fillable Acrobat form that can be printed (with the information filled in) but not saved it saved as. OK. I know you can do a print screen (PC) or screen capture (Mac) but if we can do the basic form with a security featur elike this we will be jumping for joy!



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Not if it is distributed via FormsCentral. When a form is distributed, it is Reader-enabled, which allows Reader to save a filled-in version. Prior to Reader 11, it was not able to save a filled-in form unless the document was enabled with extended rights, allowing it to do things it otherwise couldn't. Other PDF viewers, such as Acrobat, Reader for iOS/Android, and certain non-Adobe ones are able to save a filled-in form without the document being enabled. So the answer is no, you can't prevent a form from being saved, especially if it needs to work with FormsCentral.

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            Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

            I'm curious to know what you are trying to achieve. Is your file on a shared folder and you don't want people to override the PDF form with their data?

            If that is the case you could mark that PDF as Read-Only so "Save"  would be disabled but "Save As"  wouldn't?



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              prof32722723forp Level 1

              Hi Genevieve

              Tis quite simple. We have a medical client who would like users to fill out a pdf form but have no facility to save the sensitive data electronically which could fall into the wrong hands. OK, yes, we know that screen dumps, print screen will do that, but it is politically correct that the system of gathering information is done in this way.


              So, person fills out pdf form, cannot electronically save it within the software so had to print it out and fax it to the third party. No electonic copy kept.


              I am thinking that the only was we can achieve this is html.



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                Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                Thanks, I now understand what you are trying to achieve and why.


                Sorry there is no way to do what you want to do using PDF. You are right, HTML would be a better solution for you.



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                  prof32722723forp Level 1

                  many thanks