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    Form in word to pdf

    Bryan deSilva

      I’d like to build a form. Then embed that form in a word document. That word document is then converted to PDF to send to the client. My hope is that the form will work, capture the data and I can push that data to my CRM and Accounting.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I suspect your question doesn't involve the FormsCentral service, which is what this forum is for. For questions relating to PDF forms created with Acrobat, this following forum is the most appropriate: http://forums.adobe.com/community/acrobat/forms?view=discussions


          The most common way to create a form with Word is to create the content in Word and then convert it to PDF with Acrobat. You then add the interactive form fields in Acrobat. It includes a feature that will automatically add the fields where it thinks they should be, but you often have to do a bit of editing since it can't get everything right.


          Extracting data from a form is certainly possible and there are a number of ways to do it. Most likely there will be some programming involved somewhere along the way.

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            Bryan deSilva Level 1

            Thanks George,

            I was broght to this forum though FormsCentral and that's where I started my research into the best way to handle. I got excited with the interactive form the online service created for me, or I thought that's what did it.


            I sure don't like the sound of any of it so far! I need to be able to create proposals rapid fire and the form is common to all of them. I wish to create them in the proposal template and it just work. I don't want to have to work to create the interactive form each time.

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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I guess I'm confused about the Word document part. You can't embed a PDF form in a Word document, if that's what you are hoping to do. You can send a PDF form that you generate with FormsCentral along with a Word document (or a PDF version of it) and the user would be able to fill in the form and submit it if they have Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) installed. The data would then get securely sent to FormsCentral and you could download it and somehow enter it into your system.

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                Bryan deSilva Level 1

                Actually that's one of the reasons I tried the formscentral service. I CAN embed code in word using iframe (word allows this through the embed video tool). I have since found the only code adobe provides is Javascript and I can't make that work. I can embed it though slideshare or box.com as they provide the embed code that works. At least that's the path I'm playing with right now.


                Bottom line is that I want this to work easily. The parts are I have a word template that different people use, modifying it as needed for the particular proposal. Then I have a standard set of questions I need answered when they decide to sign the document. So I'm playing with getting everything in one place, sending the final PDF though echosign for final signature.

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                  George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  The embed code you're talking about is for web forms created with FormsCentral. I have no idea if it would work inside a Word document like you describe. If you want to convert the Word document to PDF it wouldn't survive the conversion.


                  What can work is creating the form you want as a PDF form and adding it to the PDF that you create from the Word document. Simply insert the form as one or more pages after you convert the Word document to PDF. The resulting PDF document can be used with EchoSign and none of this would involve FormsCentral.


                  The next problem would be extracting the data from the signed document once it's sent through EchoSign...