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    Email submit


      Hi all,


      I am trying to create a submit button that will tell the user,thank you for submitting the form and please click send on the default mail client.I added the message but now I am not sure how to add a javascript that will open the open the email and attach the form.



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          You could use the following. You could use field entries, then you have to change the path and the objectname to yours.

          var Mailto = Formular1.s1.email.rawValue;


          You could use static text

          var Mailto = "test@test.de";


          It's your choice.


          if(xfa.host.messageBox("This will be send your PDF.","Information",2,2)==4){
          //fill in e-mail
          var Mailto = Formular1.s1.email.rawValue;
          //var Mailto = "test@test.de";
          //fill in subject
          var Betreff = Formular1.s1.betreff.rawValue;
          //var Betreff = "Test-Betreff";
          //fill in message
          var Nachricht = "Content PDF:\r" + "Field content: " + Formular1.s1.inhalt.rawValue + "\rName: " 
          + Formular1.s1.name.rawValue + "\rDatum: " + Formular1.s1.datum.formattedValue;
          //var Nachricht = "This is a test message.\r2.row start here.\r3.row here.";
          //fill in e-mail cc
          var CC = Formular1.s1.emailcc.rawValue;
          //var CC = "testcc@test.de";
          //fill in e-mail bcc
          var BCC = Formular1.s1.emailbcc.rawValue;
          //var BCC = "testbcc@test.de";
          var Mail = "mailto:" + Mailto + "?Subject=" + Betreff + "&Body=" + Nachricht + "&cc=" + CC + "&bcc=" + BCC;
          //cSubmitAs: "PDF" send the pdf as attachment
          //cSubmitAs: "XML" send the pdf as xml-attachment
          cURL: Mail,
          bEmpty: true,
          cSubmitAs: "XML"


          I hope that will helps?