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    Font dialogue taking forever to load...




      I am working in ID CS6 and in any document I open it is taking forever to select the text inside a text box. I select my Text Selection Tool and click inside a Text Frame and then the program freezes up from about 30 seconds to over 1.5 minutes sometimes while the dialouge boxes load and the text is eventually editable. It then moves very slowly.


      I have plenty of local storage for my scratch disks (60 GB), I have 4 GB of RAM in Windows 7 32-bit. No other software running and only the bare minumium fonts installed (Less than 100).



      The only thing that works is when I export an .idml file and open it. Text selection works fine in the newly opend .idml document until I close and reopent the it.


      This is where I am stumped. Is something being added on to the document after I open it?


      All help is appreciated.