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    Why does Premiere Pro CS 6 hang when option opening bins, clip to sequence, etc?




      I am having an issue with Premiere Pro CS6 performing a few commands:


      -     Option Clicking Bins to open them

      -     Duplicating Sequences

      -     Performing Clip to Sequence

      -     Creating Sequence: File → New → Seq


      I am not having these issues (the system does not hang) when loading shots, Match-framing, watching dailies, etc in my source monitor or watching the assembly.  Everything works fine when actually cutting, trimming, inserting, etc.  Cutting in the timeline is actually a pleasure – fast and very responsive.


      The problem only happens when I’m in bins.


      My project is rather large – about 49.9MB, with over 100 folders and bins (it is a feature).


      I have tested these commands with smaller projects – importing a sequence from the current "hanging" project into a new project  - and everything is working fine with the small project of that one sequence and consolidated clips from the sequence.


      I originally thought it as a RAW issue (I had 8GB).  When I installed another 8GB of RAM for a total of 16GB the issue stopped and I have been editing fine for the last few days.


      However yesterday the issue started again – it hangs on the commands listed above (Mac’s spinning wheel).   The operation is usually completed successfully however it can take up anywhere from five to ten minutes before the sequence is duplicated or the bin opens (option clicking), etc.  


      Again, from what I’ve gathered it does not happen with smaller projects – with less bins, footage, clips, etc. but only with this rather large project – with many daily bins, sequence bins, etc. 


      My system spec. are:


      MacPro 1,1 - OS X 10.6.8

      2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon

      16GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM


      The media that I’m cutting is ProRes (transcoded from Epic RED footage).


      I'm wondering if this issue is hardware-related or Premiere Pro CS6-related.


      Any help would be much appreciated!


      Thank you,