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    Clip animation is not smooth.

    Paul van Dinther

      I am working with very large sequence of 9720 x 1920. Most things work fine but I am having trouble with simple position animations.

      I have this large bitmap 19793 x 2730 that I wish to slowly move as it it were a camera pan.

      Setting simple key frames on the position property in the Effect Controls makes the bitmap pan but the movement is not steady but jittery.

      The movement is a simple linear interpolation between two positions.


      When I do the same in a small sequence like 1920 x 1080 then there are no issues. This seems to suggest the issue is with the large project frame.


      Does anyone know how to prevent the jitter?

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          shooternz Level 6

          Your image file is too large and out side the limits of Premiere.


          Do that in AEFX and bring it back to Premiere is a suggestion.

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            Paul van Dinther Level 1

            Thanks, I will try that but. Keep in mind this same animation with the same large image animates fine in a smaller sequence of 1920 x 1080

            This problem actually happens across the board. Huge animated Titles are jittery too on these super large sequences.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Before playback, are you first Rendering the Image/Clip/Title (hitting Enter/Return)?


              When Keyframes are placed, they are Linear. One can change the Interpolation. However, for a long Pan, the Linear Keyframe would only affect the very beginning, and then possibly the end. The "tweens," should be smooth, once Rendered.


              Looked for the limit on Still Images for PrPro CS 6, but could not find it. There was a change, from CS 4 to CS 5, and I think that has remained the same, through CS 6. I know that I have it somewhere, but finding the "WHERE" is proving tougher, than I thought.


              Now, even with the MPE/CUDA support, as of CS 5, handling large Still Images can pose resource issues with one's machine. One thing that you could do is Crop that Image to just what you need on the width (so long as the total pixels do not exceed PrPro's capabilities), and the height, to just what you need, say 1080. That removes many unused pixels, unless you are also animating "Tilts" on the height too.


              Note that AE can handle MUCH larger Still Images, than can PrPro, so that might be an alternative, if you have access to it.


              Good luck,