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    Can I get help on signing on to Adobe from within Premiere Elements 10?


      I am trying to create a photoshop.com account.  I have an Adobe ID and everytime I log in with my Premiere Elements 10 it says it has found my Adobe ID and I am a few steps away from enjoying your free benefits.


      I then enter my Date Of Birth....then PERSONAL URL and then a couple of Privacy and Terms of service boxes.  I hit submit and get FAILURE.   I am assuming I need this to create a photoshop gallery???


      The other thing I tried was logging in to photoshop.com with my Adobe ID.  It says you can no longer create a Photshop.com account.


      The last thing I did was create a REVEL account....that seemed to work with my Adobe ID but I have no idea how to tie that in with my Photoshop and Premiere Elements 10.


      I have an open case on this issue with support for over a week.   Both times I have chatted with support they said it is a KNOWN issue and I will be contacted by Adobe.  Nothing yet.


      Anyone know how to help??    I am VERY NEW to this type of software but I just want it all to work!    Thanks in advance! 





      ALSO...i just found this in FAQ discussions but did not know how to reply



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I would also post to that Photoshop.com Forum (where the FAQ is located), as it is designed specifically for Photoshop.com. Some users here do have Photoshop.com accounts, though not that many now. The subscribers to that forum, will more than likely be able to help you, or tell you why you are getting the error message.


          Good luck,




          PS - It was my understanding that Adobe was considering dropping Photoshop.com storage, etc., but I have not seen an official comment on that.

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            luckenbaugh9357 Level 1

            Bill Thank You for your reply I will try to find how to post that at Photoshop.com forum.   It seems like I should be able to log in from my actual Premiere 10 that I purchased in good faith from Amazon.     I hope Pete Green who wrote the FAQ regarding this very issue finds this.  I see nowhere to be able to Private Message him to ask.  I just feel like the chat people in support for Adobe are trying to give me the runaround and dont really want to deal with a PREMIERE Elements 10 issue....I realize it is not their current one. 

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              That forum should behave, just as this one does, with New>Discussion.


              Also, in that FAQ, click on Pete Green's Profile, beside the post, and then, when it loads, to the upper-right, you will see Send a Private Message.


              As Adobe has many different departments, and though a few overlap, it is unlikely that he would be monitoring this forum. For that reason, I would send a PM. Give him some time, as many folk do not notice their PM's, that often. I know two Adobe staff members, who look at theirs only about every 2 weeks.


              Good luck,



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                nealeh Level 5

                Photoshop.com is going to be closed very soon and replaced with Revel. That is probably why you cannot create a new account. If you already had a Photoshop.com account you should have received an email from Adobe concerning transitioning to Revel.


                Here's an extract:

                Dear Customer,


                On June 18, 2013, we will move our current Photoshop.com storage and

                sharing services to a new service called Adobe(R) Revel(TM).


                Your photos mean a lot to you.  And making sure they're backed up and

                easy to access means a lot to us. 

                <link deleted>


                It's easy - we just need you to do a few things:

                    * Please confirm that you'd like us to move your

                      JPEG photos to Adobe Revel:

                      <link deleted>


                    * If your library contains file formats other than

                      JPEG photos, please be sure to download your complete

                      Photoshop.com library before June 18, 2013, as Revel

                      doesn't yet support the following file types - any

                      video, PSD, RAW, ACR, PNG, TIFF.  Archive now:

                      <link deleted>


                    * If you choose not to have us move your photos,

                      please be sure to download your complete library

                      before June 18, 2013.  Archive now:

                      <link deleted>


                We are committed to supporting you throughout this transition to a new

                technology - Adobe Revel. Currently, Revel gives you more access to your

                photos than ever before - on the web, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.  And this

                is just the beginning - we are planning to support additional platforms,

                as well as, popular file formats beyond JPEG and video.  We are

                committed to delivering frequent Revel updates and to continually push

                the envelope to create the best experience for reliving your memories

                wherever you are.



                Get answers in the FAQ: http://www.photoshop.com/misc/membership-faq?trackingid=KCOWN


                Thank you for your patience during the move.


                The Adobe Photoshop.com and Revel teams


                There is no indication in the mail concerning older Elements integration with Revel. Elements Organizer 11 does and shows as a button on the Share dropdown. Mind you Revel is only supporting JPEGs at the moment


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