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    Frame Blend in Pre 11


      I've been fiddling with Time Stretch on a clip I want to show in slow motion and thought I would see what effect Frame Blend had on it (for possible smoother motion). However when I right click on the clip, the Frame Blend option is greyed out. The same applies to any clip, Time Stretched or not. The clips on this particular project are all 1080 24p.


      Does anyone have any thoughts on why this may be so please.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Under the Edit menu, what do you show as our Project Settings?


          I would also recommend you use Time Remapping instead. It has frame blending built right into it.

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            Dave__J__E Level 1

            Steve thanks for your response. My Project Settings are DSLR 23.976 fps progressive 1920x1080. I tried Time Remapping and it works with the option of adding frame blending built in as you indicate. I wasn't aware of Time Remapping. I wonder if the existence of this new feature is the reason Frame Blend is greyed out in the Clip adjustments ? I might be missing something but I can't see how Time Remapping differs much from Time Stretch.


            Incidentally I wasn't terribly impressed with Frame Blending - I don't think it really improves the slow-mo effect so I'll stick with the speed change only.


            Thanks for your help.