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    Why don't SWF's on my hard drive use the latest version of Flash Player?

    TharosTheDragon Level 1

      I've looked everywhere and I don't know why no one seems to be talking about this.


      When I view a SWF in a browser it uses Flash Player 11.6, but when I view a SWF on my hard drive it uses Flash Player 10. Why is this? It's driving me nuts.


      I already know that Chrome uses multiple different Flash Players. One of them is the built-in Flash Player and the other is the "system" Flash Player. I assumed the system Flash Player was the one that's run when I open SWF's on my hard drive, but that's clearly not the case. I tried uninstalling Flash Player and I could still open SWF's on my hard drive and they still said Flash Player 10. What's going on here? How many Flash Players do I have? It looks like there's a built-in Chrome Flash Player, a system Flash Player, AND a Flash Player that's used for running SWF's on my hard drive.


      I'm running Windows XP and I have the latest version of Flash Player. I know this because I've been installing it over and over again trying to fix this problem.