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    How red is red? Does distance matter?

    IdamIndia Level 1

      This question has always bothered me, especially when using color in some areas of architectural models, Isn't that car too red in the model? Hey, but I used the same deco paint from the shop they use in the garage! So, is there a factor of "scale" to color?


      Let me put it another way, if I print an A4 of some fixed value red. The same value I use in a huge tiled poster, where the same real A4 size appear some 15 meters above, rest area other colors/content. Will that A4 appear to be same red?


      Still putting it another way, will the purple flower in close range be same purple I see in that bush when I was kilometers away?


      Perceptually I may think they are supposed to be same, but in reality they may not be, not just because of haze etc, but simply because the distance fades away the color. So, does distance fade the intensity (luminosity?) or the color(hue)? Or none! - as light, energy is spherically diminishing anyway.


      The answer may need me to modfiy or not modify the hue intensity when using it for small sizes, vs when using it for museum posters or hoardings.