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    Check for Required fields before Save






      The above form has two text fields ,a radio button group and a drop down set as required fields, there is no submit button as users will save it using menu commands and place it in a common folder.

      I need to run a check that when they try to save the form , all the required fields should be filled in else it should throw and error message and set focus to the empty field.


      Tried a lot of codes and different styles from last two days..no luck..because all the code works only if the user tabs in the required field else not.




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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can only prevent a file from being saved if it is done through a button that you've created. You can't prevent a user from saving the file if they use the built-in Save command.

          What you can do, though, is use a script to do one or more of the following:

          - Show an error message

          - Reset the form fields being the file is saved (so it is saved blank)

          - Show an error message on the file itself (like a large text saying "INCOMPLETE" or something like that)

          - Cover the contents of the file

          - etc.