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    Flash Player reports conflict with MSN when trying to Install

    Grummster Level 1

      I am using Windows 7 (64) bit OS.  I was trying to view an ESPN video when the screen displayed "You Need to have Adobe Flash Player to view this content"  "Click here to continue"  This takes you to the Adobe Flash Player Down Load  for version 11.6.602.171.  Under Windows 7 Control Panel, Program & Features, Adobe Flash Player 11.6.602.171 is listed as installed.   I tried to download the current version and the program was downloaded.  Then I went through the install routine.  When the progress bar got to 50% it stopped and reported that MSN needs to be exited.  I closed MSN but the message came back to exit MSN.  I have tried this several times but always get to the same place and cannot complete the installation.  As a result, I cannot view quite a few internet videos.  How do I get Windows 7 and the internet sites I want to watch videos on to recognize I have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player?