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    Any Planned Stabilizer Improvements??


      I've been testing a few different video editing programs, running through trials, embracing a few programs, and quickly uninstalling many others after momentary glimpses of their shoddiness.


      PE 11 is currently at the top of my list, and I'm so very near to closing the deal right now.  A few minor features I'd prefer be different -- or, "fixed," IMO (like the fact you can't lock tracks!) -- but the stabilization abilities of this program baffle me.  So much else about PE 11 is ..,appropriately enough... premiere, but the stabilization is just horrible.


      Stabilizing shots from a more or less stationary point is one thing, but when the camera is moving forward or looking to the side (shoreline from a relatively smoothly running boat), the video stabilization does no good whatsoever.  In fact, it actually makes things worse -- what was a somewhat rough looking ride is now peppered with spasmic jerks in some random direction, every second or two.  I've toyed with the parameters (smoothing, direction, etc), but to no avail.


      If virtually all the other "acceptable" trials I'm running now weren't doing a better job with stabilizing these shots (one program, in fact, superbly so), I'd not be here expressing this concern.  But, looking at PE 11 as a whole, I have to presume the brains behind the software just haven't gotten to improving video stabilization since some much-earlier version.


      And so my question is: are you guys working on bringing your video stabilization up to par?  If so, will that be included any time soon?  Would that be an update I'd get for free, after buying the current version?  Are there third-party plug-ins I can use here, and how much are those?


      Thanks in advance.