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    Problem with menu buttons

    gvsuk Level 1

      Hi there,

      I have been using encore cs5 for a while now but have suddenly come across unusual activity when authoring DVD...

      I render mpg2 and bring it into Encore. I then make chapters on timeline and link to 5 buttons as required.

      When I preview it all looks fine and I have no problems. However, when I build project and burn, it plays first 3 buttons fine but for some reason the last two buttons do not link to correct chapter?

      I have checked links many times and as far as I can see they are all fine?  Any idea's please?


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          Jeff Bellune Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have any overrides set anywhere in the project?



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            gvsuk Level 1

            Hi Jeff,

            Thanks for coming back to me.

            OK, I think I have solved the problem....


            I am using Dual Layer discs 2h-10mins and I notice that the auto (switch layer) in Encore was in use. As a last attempt I decided to use manual switch layer and it now burns and works fine !!

            I can only assume that Encore puts a hidden chapter mark at a point within the timeline and this therefore causes problems with my own chapters?

            Once I used manual switch layer mode it was fine.


            However, if I bring into Encore footgae that has not been transcoded then there is never a problem, apart from poorer quality ? The above problem only happened when I brought in Mpeg2 transcoded footage!!

            Up to now I have been importing HDV footage and letting Encore transcode it (auto mode) for me but I must admit it does not do a great job regarding quality and seems to use more space?


            If I first transcode in Premiere HDV to Mpeg2 then it looks much better and takes up less space !! I just have to remember from now on to manual set layer switch mode!