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    How can I choose the saving area ?

    zosaji Level 1

      I have this code for saving the image, but the problem is that is saving the right part and I want him to save the left part. I found this code, is working, but the problem is that I don't understand from where I can choose the saving area. I've searched on internet but I did not found anything for this problem. Thank you for your help.


      function output()


      snap = new flash.display.BitmapData(540, 768);   


      var _loc5 = new Array();   

      var _loc7 = snap.width;    

      var _loc6 = snap.height;    

      for (var _loc3 = 0; _loc3 <= _loc7; ++_loc3)    


      for (var _loc2 = 0; _loc2 <= _loc6; ++_loc2)        


      var _loc4 = snap.getPixel(_loc3, _loc2).toString(16);            


           } // end of for    

      } // end of for    

      var _loc8 = new LoadVars();    

      _loc8.img = _loc5.toString();    

      _loc8.height = _loc6;     _loc8.width = _loc7;    

      _loc8.send("http://www.candys-world.com/show.php", "output", "POST");

      } // End of the function

      shaF.onPress = function ()




      stop ();