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    Big Problem with iPhone animation sizes

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hi all-


      I've been working on a website using Edge and am working on the "smart phone" pages.  I have a minimum with of 320 (portrait view) and a max width of 480 (Landscape view) set for my stage, making sure the animations look good at both sizes.


      Previewing using Edge "Preview", all looks good (I can only see landscape size by bringing my browser window as small as it will go).

      I uploaded the most recent file to the servers and began running them through a smart phone simulator.


      The first thing I noticed was, in portrait view, only one of my "slider buttons" at the bottom was showing - there are 3.  In landscape view they all show and work (Only the "Design" slider has any content).


      What REALLY concerns me, however, is I asked a friend of mine who has an iPhone to test it out.  He says that the site only shows in the top "quarter" of his screen - the rest is blank! It's as if the iPhone is treating th Edge page as if it were a full sized page and trying to scale it down!!


      Can someone here PLEASE do me a favor and, if you have a smart phone, take a look and tell me what you see?


      The page is here:



      Also, here are the Edge files as well:



      Has anyone else run into anything like this?

      I am correct in sizing my animation down to the above sizes for smart phones, correct?


      Thanks for the help!!