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    CS6 video problems- green and magenta posterization

    ant town

      I've spent some time looking into this issue, but am having a hard time finding a solution. I use my Nikon D5100 for a 365 video project and started having this issue when I upgraded to Adobe CS6 from CS5.5. The files out of camera look fine viewed in quicktime or WMP, and they look fine when I edit them in CS5.5. When I started editing in CS6, I noticed there is a green/magenta posterization that occurs, and it appears CS6 Bridge, Premiere, and After Effects on the unedited files straight out of the camera (H.264). Camera settings haven't changed but the difference is clear.

      Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem in CS6??


      Here is a screen grab from After Effects showing the difference of how it looks between CS5.5 and CS6.