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    convert a frame by frame "back" to "normal"?


      How does one convert a frame by frame animation back to io a "normal"
      animation?? Is it possible?


      Thank you

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          kglad ACP/MVP

          by "normal" do you mean a timeline tween?


          if so, there is no one answer that covers all situations except to say you may need to distribute the animation among several layers and timeline tween each layer.  tween hints may be needed for some or all the layer timeline tweens.

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            Ned Murphy ACP/MVP

            I don't think so, but that really depends on what you mean by "normal"... animations are normally frame by frame.

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              camerapov Community Member

              My hope is to be able to  convert the frame by frame animation in a given layer a
              "back"  to a "normal" motion tween  animation.


              I would have sworn that I had converted a timeline animetion to keyframes and then had it revert to the "normal" tween  state in Flash as is possible in Photoshop.


              This would not be "necessary" if I could determine if one can slectively add hieght to the top of the stage.


              Thank you.


              edited to add  image.


              Picture 65.png

              my aim is to be able to "re-unite" these single frames in order to move them on the stage minus the grinding tedium of reconstructiong the path of the images they represent accurately.


              Thanks again.

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                Ned Murphy ACP/MVP

                If your last sentence(s) is a way of saying you want to be able to move all of the frames down (or somewhere) at once, there is a way of doing that.  In the bottom of the timeline is a toolbar of sort with some double rectangle icons in it. The one with 2 dark rectangles allows you to move the objects of the entire timeline at once.  Just select the icon and then all the frames/layers and mnove them.


                If your last sentence is saying something else, you might need to explain it another way