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    I cannot see Video and Audio on Video Track 2 in Premiere Pro 5.5

    EdwurdAdam Level 1

      I made a sequence and used keyboard shortcuts to add Video and Audio to Video 1 and Audio Track 1. No problem


      I then put another clip in the Source Monitor, Put my In and Out Points on it. I went back to the sequence and Assigned my Source Video to be put on Video Track 2 and my Source Audio to be put on Audio Track 2. I then pressed the Shortcut button for Overwrite and the playhead moved as it was putting the Video and Audio down on V2 and A2. No video was put down on it though?




      The only way I can see the Video and Audio on V2 and A2 is if I drag it down straight from the Source Monitor onto the Sequence Timeline. I don;t like doing this. I would rather use Keyboard Shortcuts to do this.


      What am I doing wrong?


      P.S. I come from using Final Cut Pro where this method worked each and every time without a problem. I need it to work in Premiere Pro 5.5 as well.


      Thanks in Advance.