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    Captivate Won't Use PC's Internal Mic

    Kim_Muinch Level 1
      I just purchased a new Dell notebook computer to replace my Toshiba. The Dell has a built-in mic, that records clear audio with the Microsoft Sound Recorder. But as soon as I click the "Record" button in Captivate, a little pop-up appears that says the Intellisonic mic has been disabled. Sure enough, it doesn't record any audio.

      So I went to Walmart and bought an $8 external mic that records the audio in Captivate, but there is a background hiss. I probably need to buy a better mic. The real issue here is that I want to use that internal built-in mic. Why does Captivate disable it, and can Captivate be made to use it. I did install the patch that addresses the Realtek issue, but that didn't make a difference.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Are you saying that Captivate changes the setting for the default recording device? Can you select the internal mic in the " Control Panel > Sounds and Audio > Voice Recording > Default device" drop-list?

          That might help, but in the meantime, is the internal microphone really what you want for your voice-over audio? Generally, these devices are not uni-directional, nor do they incorporate noise-reduction, so they pick up all sorts of ambient noise (street noise, people talking, buzzing from fluorescent lighting, etc.). Just a thought.
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            Matt B. Level 1
            I am experience the same issue on a Dell Latitude D820. Each time I click 'Calibrate input' in Captivate 3, the Recording Control panel shows that the microphone switched from Internal Mic to External Mic. I then get an error message in Captivate indicating that Adobe Captivate could not detect a recording device.
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              jgsb2001 Level 1
              Matt B.
              I use a Mac that runs Parallels Desktop 3.0 with Captivate 3 and sound was a huge problem to say the least (2 OS = 2 Different lines).

              Anyway, my guess is that you are getting the error message because Captivate really does not recognize a mic being connected to your computer. And in my personal opinion you really need to purchase two things:

              1. a pre-amp/audio interface (FastTrack USB made by M-Audio). It's expensive ($125) but I am sure you can find deals at Guitar Center or other outlets. This helps reduce the ambient noise around you.
              2. a decent mic: like AudioTechnica which can also be found at Guitar Center or your local music store.

              Once you have the interface set up go to your preferences in the control panel of your computer. Look for the M-Audio icon in the general area of the control panel, click the icon, and make sure that the latency setting is maximized (pushed to the top at 4400).

              A trick I have to use on my mac is this:
              I need to have the FastTrack connected to the computer (via USB) before I turn on the computer. That way it is set to my default input device for both OSs (leopard and vista).
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                MEL44444 Level 1
                I have the same problem on a Dell Latitude. Cannot record without an external device. The more interesting piece of this puzzle, to me, though, is that I'm running a demo version right now in anticipation that we'd purchase the software, and support would not help me with this, nor would anyone from sales. The saleswoman really did not care that she'd lose a sale from this! And how in the world can I recommend to the company president that we purchase software that may not be able to record audio! Amazing.
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                  =randy Level 1
                  Mel44444 (and all other Dell Latitude users). I have the same issue with the mic - you can see my post from 1-9-08.

                  (By the way, I have the mobile preamp usb and tried it. it is not a quick or easy fix using the dell as you have to change the control panel sound to detect the usb device. Also, oddly enough, it created other problems by changing the frequency after 30 seconds of sound when doing a narration. I have no idea why.)

                  My guess is that it is a hardware problem with the audio card - mine is a Sigma Tel Audio.

                  I have submitted this as a bug.
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                    THERESALINDSEY Level 1

                    I have been trying most of the day to use my PC internal mic.


                    Couldn't figure out why this was not working.  I have a Dell as well, but still no luck.


                    Can anyone tell me how Captivate can work with an internal mic?  I need to share video right away!