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    After Effects error: overflow converting ratio denominators. (17 :: 18)


      I have been working on learning how to use Adobe After Effects CS6 and it has been alot of fun, so I have decided to buy it! Except now... I ran in to an issue when I tried to place an effect on a portion of a layer to see if anything would happen; something horrible happened. There is a really annoying pop-up that will not go away! It reads: "After Effects error: overflow converting ratio denominators. (17 :: 18), and it has a red circular icon with a white exclaimation mark in the middle of it. This would be great if it was actually doing anything other than piss me off! It will not go away when I 'dismiss' it by pressing OK, and I fear that I will lose my footage now. I will be buying a different program 100% if I cannot fix this problem or get it explained, so for the sake of Adobe's consumer record, would anybody be kind enough to assist me? Thanks alot, I will be following up on this ASAP.


      Much appreciated,


      Riley Lloy

      Nova Scotia

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