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    Flash Projector Performance:  v10 > v11


      Hey all


      I am playing a multiplayer online flash game called Realm of the Mad God (http://www.realmofthemadgod.com/), which is normally played via the browser. Also I have to note, that RotMG is one of the laggiest flash games I ever played. I am always playing on the lowest quality of course.


      Because of this bad game performance, I switched to the flash projector, which causes much better results (better game performance than through the browser). Though, only using the flash projector 10 results in a pretty smooth gameplay. Playing RotMG through the Projector 11 is pretty laggy (even worse than via browser), and the game performance difference between projector 10 and 11 is huge.


      So my question:  Why is there such a huge game performance difference between projector 10 and 11? Have there been some major changes done to the Projecor 11? Is there something wrong with Projector 11?


      My problem now is, I can't use the smooth projector 10, since the developers of RotMG added some odd feature to the game, which now requires Flash Player 11 and upwards. RotMG is not working anymore with Flash Player 10. So my only option to play RotMG kind of smooth has been completely disabled.


      Some months ago, I also used to play RotMG via another swf player, called SWF Opener, which had also great results regarding the game performance (similar to projector 10). But even playing through the SWF Opener is not working anymore (devs must have done something to the code).


      Now my other question: Does anyone of you know of a good SWF Player with a smooth game performance? Or is it possible to create a similar swf player such as Flash Projector 11, but with the smooth game performance of projector 10 / "SWF Opener"?


      Thanks for your replies


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      Operating System: Windows XP SP3

      Flash player version 11.6 newest


      Notebook Acer Aspire 7736ZG

      Pentium T4300 2.10GHz,

      3(2+1)GB RAM, 320GB HDD,

      NVIDIA GeForce G210M 512MB

      43.9cm/17.3" 1600x900 glare,


      included system infos ^^