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    Loading an external .swf

    Tariq Bin Muhummad

      Before you begin reading, I know this is probably out of my realm of flash-knowledge, but at the time of reading this I'm probably reading Adobe's guide to ActionScript 2, and I'm just looking for some clarification, not code:



      Anyways, to get an idea of what I'm doing, I URGE you to look at, and play around with these two links:




      I'm doing something similar, but you can only have so many MovieClips before the flash becomes slower than a sloth when trying to handle/edit it. So, as any rational person would do, I'm going to export all of my MovieClips (My movieclips are just like the Euro Techno.swf link. They have buttons that play sounds, etc.), and I am going to give each of them their own little .swf, like Ishkur did, and let the user choose which to import, depending on which subgenre they pick. My problem is, I'm a teenager and don't have the money, and the knowledge on web developing to be able to store these .swf's somewhere. I believe I should be 'Using the ActionScript 2.0 loadMovie command'. I looked at this:


      myMovieClipInstance.loadMovie("myExternalMovie.swf");  // here only the filename is given, indicating the SWF file

                                                             // is in the same folder as the parent swf


      How would I go about doing this? I don't need my final product on the internet, but do I store everything together in the same folder if it's for personal use? Once again, it might be out of my Flash comprehension, but thanks.


      P.S. I might have forgotten to include something here, but oh well.