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    Can sequences be re-linked to original resources when importing another version of the same project?

    markr Level 1

      When editing a large event project, I usually set it up and sync cameras/audio into multicam sequences. My current project is of a kickboxing event so 3 of us will take say 5 fights each to edit on different machines. While importing the other guys work into my project works great, I'd love it to not show duplicate resources (bins/clips/sequences etc). You can see what I mean in the below image. Any way to relink to my original file/folder hierarchy?


      I know I could go into each multicam source sequence and right-click a clip and Reveal in Project, then right-click in project pane to Replace Footage but doing it that way 3 times to over 200 assets would be mind numbing haha.


      Premiere import duplicate.PNG