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    Grey out options as they become full or unavailable

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      I have a recurring challenge with forms that allow the applicant to choose between two or more dates using a radio option or a drop down menu: one of the options runs out or becomes fully booked before the others but I can't sensibly prevent the applicant from choosing it.


      The ideal for me would be a 'Grey out' option for each and every possible selection, tick box and menu selection - in this way I could simply deny options as they become unavailable.


      This page is a good example: http://www.tringpark.com/applying/open-days


      In this case there are two sessions - Morning or Afternoon - which can be freely chosen. There is, however, a fixed limit to each session; no way to determine which will fill first; a need to keep the form open until the second one fills up; it is desirable to show applicants that one session is now full rather than hide it (so they can apply earlier next time!); I don't wish to lose the data collected already; I don't want to start creating multiple forms or complicated multiple column responses as the form is used by several staff who all need to refer and understand it.


      Any chance of 'Greyed out' becoming an option?

      Any clever work-arounds that will be low impact on the functioning of the form?


      Many thanks.