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    show match sequence settings in clip dialog premiere 5.5 where?

    EdwurdAdam Level 1

      I am working in Premiere Pro 5.5 and I purposely made the Sequence 4:3 and 29.97 frames per second to test something out.


      With the sequence at 4:3, I imported some HD DSLR clips into my bin. Of course this foothe is a much higher resoultion and the frame tare is 23.976 Frames Per Second not 29.97 FRames as is the sequence.


      I add my clip to the sequence and it's supposed to ask me if I want to match the clips settings to the sequence. If I say yes, the sequence is supposed to change to 23.976 FPS and the Video is also supposed to match the clips video settings as well.


      When I put my clip down, the box does not come up asking me  if I want to change my sequence settings to the clip.


      Why not?


      Is there a box where I can check "show match sequence settings in clip dialog?"


      If so, where is it?


      If not, How can I get the box to come up when the clip does not match the sequence settings so I can check Yes.


      Thanks in Advance


      Premiere 5.5

      Power Mac

      Mountain Lion  os 10.8

      10 GB RAM