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    redirect script needed for older browsers

    mermaidnyc Level 1

      hi everyone,


      i am working on a website with multiple pages. Because it has multiple pages & i need the navigation to work, I need a workaround other than down-level poster image for older browsers.


      A down-level poster image, would not let me set up links on the different buttons. Fore example "home.html", "location.html", "contact.html"


      what i plan to do is to take a screen shot of the 3 pages & set up the navigation links in dreamweaver.


      I need a redirect script to put in the compositionReady of my stage to redirect to the dreamweaver html files.


      i would like the script to redirect to:

      • internet explorer 8 and lower

      • Firefox 11 for windows and lower


      please let me know the redirect script i should use for this (and if it indeed goes into compositionReady) 


      thank you all so very much!!!!!