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    Stabilisation not working


      I am using Adobe Premier Elements 10 for videos made primarily from POV (Point of View) cams (GoPro), so a lot of my videos require stabilisation. Unitl now I have not been able to get satisfactory results as the inbuilt stabiliser in APE10 does not reduce the shakes, in fact it makes it worse.


      The video clip I am testing is shot from a moving car, a major portion of the cloud and blue sky filled horizon is not moving (appart from camera shake), whereas the closer you get towards the bottom of the picture there is more movement (apart from camera shake). For this test video the camera was pointing forward in the direction of the car travel.


      So here is what I have tried:

      Stabilisation: number from 0 to 100. Did not have an effect

      Background Use Original tick box: selected or unselected. Did not improve stabilisation

      Zoom, number: tried 100%, 120%, 140%, all this did was give a fixed zoom in to remove the black borders but did not improve the stabilisation.

      Correction limit to zoom tick box: selected or unselected. Did not improve stabilitation.


      Naturally once I set the property, I rendered the clip.


      Even if I clip this video to show just the sky, then stretch it out so the whole screen is just the sky (mixture of blue sky and clearly defined cloulds), the image stabiliser does nothing to stabilise it, the stabilisation gets worse!


      So what solutions are open to me?


      I don't want to use a product outside of APE, I want to it be plug-in either third party or one from Adobe, or some tip to make the standard stabiliser work.


      I've tried ProDad, but this blurs the image, so have crossed this one off the list (have seen vids from other people and they had the same problem).


      I've heard all the rage about the Adobe Warp stabiliser from Adobe Premier Pro, but that would require me to fork out approx $1300 which I am not prepared to do. Any chance of just getting the Warp stabiliser as a plugin to APE10 and if so how much?


      Yes I have read the manual, very brief write up which did not solve my problem.


      I am using this on a Mac, so can't use any of the PC plugins.


      Thanks in advance,



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          nealeh Level 5

          I think at the low end consumer product ProDAD is about as good as it gets. ProDAD does have advanced setting options where you can tweak a large number of its settings. Did you try those? As I recall there is an example on their website of GoPro footage from a BMX bike ride - you could take a look at the settings they used for that.


          The extent of blurring will depend on the extent of original shakiness and how much of the border you need to cut. You might get a better result if you limit the stabilisation to a central portion but rather than expand to fill the screen place a border around the stabilised section.


          I don't believe Warp is available as a plug-in.


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            gpecht Level 1

            Adobe Premier Elements 10 is not the best software to edit GoPro video. I found a stabilizer for this kind of video that works great. I'm only not sure if it works with a Mac, but I think it does. You can download a 3 day free trial and see for your self.



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              SoutherlyBuster Level 1

              Thanks 1.nealeh,


              In the mean time I have returned to ProDad and have fiddled more with the settings. Initially I was getting a significant amount of ghosting, then turning the "Rate" setting all the way down to zero fixed that and stopped the blurry image. Thanks for the BMX bike ride example, will have a look at that now.


              (edit: oops: the rate setting was for another product, either way the blurry apsects, I can get rid of in ProDad by fiddling with the settings, more trials are in progress).


              Yes I am aware of the zoom setting. Most of the vids I get from the GoPro are very sharp even if camera shake and plenty of movement is present in the picture.


              Thanks for the not on Warp.


              Odds are I will get a copy of ProDad.




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                SoutherlyBuster Level 1

                Thanks 2.gpecht,


                I had a look at the Muvee TurboVideoStablizer, actually was one of the products I looked at early on. Was very impressed with their demos especially that it was targeted at the POV market. Unfortunately it only supports the PC operating system, not the Macs. And all the hyp about Mac's being the premier graphics editing platform, how times have changed.


                Curious on your comment that Adobe Premier Elements 10 is not the best software to edit GoPro video, why do you say this? Is this relating to stabilisation in particular or other aspects? When I looked into the various video editing programs for the Mac, I looked at Final Cut X, iMovie and APE10. All others did not support the Mac environement or were way over my budget or were too elcheap not worth looking at or the freeware installation instructions too complex. APE10 was the only product amongst those that did not ruin the colour saturation once exported to the final movie. But that's another thread all together.




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                  gpecht Level 1

                  My remark regarding PRE not being the best program to use for GoPro video was more my general impression. I guess it depends what format you recorded your video in. I had some footage  in 1280 x 960 (4:3 aspect ratio) and there is no project setting to accommodate this footage. I ended up with black bars left and right. But the Muvee Turbo Stabilizer really worked great.

                  I'm sorry you can't use the Muvee software on a Mac.

                  Did you ever consider to install Bootcamp on your Mac? That would give you  access to PC based programs.