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    AVCHD 108060i Red Playback Screen & source window playback problems

    Louisiana Outdoors

      Same process and settings always fine.  Today, two different clips from two different Panasonic AG-AC160 cameras footage, same problem.  4 minute clips, won't play in source window correctly, green screen or no motion, only sound.  Red playback in time-line.  Got it in timeline once O.K., then after render it chopped to red sporadically.  Tried new project, same results.  Intel I7 3.5 GHZ processor, Mercury playback engine, 32 GB RAM, Win 7 professional, leased CS6 software updated.  Please help!  Also, getting footage from other clips (not selected)  showing up in the source window sporadically.   More info after messing with it a while.  Stumbled successfully on the ten seconds I need (of the 4 min clip)  playing successfully in the timeline.  Looks and sounds great.  Exported 3 different ways and all produce just that portion of the video with blinking red flashes in the video.  The rest of the timeline is perfect.  My buddy used the same clip, same settings on his computer and says works fine.  The only thing that could be different I can think of from any other clips and settings I've used is the length of this source clip.  Anyone?