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    Premiere Pro and storage

    videope Level 1

      I would like to know why editing on Premiere Pro is occupying so much space on my hard drive.


      Last time I noticed I had about 152 GB free space.  I didn't do anymore than rediting and all of a sudden I have 82.7 GB.


      What is using so much space?  What is it and where are the files?


      I deleted the autosave files and deleted the rendered files (so I think).


      Would you know what is happening?  I have about 10 min worth of video I have to edit but I am afraid that at the rate I am going my hard drive is going to run out of space.


      Please help fast.



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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          If you are using windows, after rendering in Premiere Pro open Windows Explorer and search on files created today. You should be able to find your files with a little effort.

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            Alan Craven Level 4

            You say "On my Hard drive" - does this mean that you have only one hard drive, and that all your media, previews, and the media cache is on the same hard drive as your operating system?


            If so, you are certainly going to have problems.


            Premiere accumulates a large volume of supporting files to enable smooth editing, as does Encore, transcoding in Encore produces yet more.  You can set the location for the Media cache and database in the Edit>preferences menu.  It needs to be on a separate fast hard drive to your media.  you also need a location off your system drive for the accumulated render files.


            The media cache and database is in the same location for both Premiere and  Encore.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Drive C space http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1007934?tstart=0

              -Mac version http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1070067


              I have 3 hard drives... boot, project and media


              When I create a new project, on my project drive, I also tell PPro to put all temp files for that project on the project drive... not any default drive

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                videope Level 1

                I have gone to

                Local (C:) > users > iris > app data > roaming > adobe


                and this is what I found:  Adobe is using 305GB while the premiere project is 5.62MB


                I  am considering uninstalling Adobe CS5 (all programs) and reinstalling it.

                If that would help.


                I assume my video files will remain intact while I do this.


                There is obviously something wrong with the application and want to recoup the space lost.


                I need you advice.


                Adobe Properties.png

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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  Something is wrong but it isn't normal. Here is mine and I have the entire Creative Suite installed via the Creative Cloud. Just about every program Adobe has. Mine is CS6 of course, but still, that just doesn't make sense.



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                    videope Level 1

                    Forgot to add that I have only this one video project in this machine.

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                      videope Level 1

                      I know it doesn't make any sense at all.  What should I do?

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                        joe bloe premiere Level 5

                        What are your Premiere Media Cache and Preview file locations?


                        Are you using After Effects as well?

                        If so, what is your After Effects Disk Cache location?


                        If you do a bunch of Ae 'Cache Renders',

                        it can really eat up your disk space in a hurry.

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                          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                          I just checked the dates on the files in my Adobe folder. shown above. I searched on *.* and sorted by date. The only directories with recent changes are as shown below. Everything else is older. So if yours looks different it is probably because you are storing stuff there that you should be putting elsewhere.



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                            videope Level 1

                            I only created the motion menu using After Effects.  Nothing much to account for anything.


                            Below are the programs I have in the Adobe folder.  Do you see anything unusual?


                            The dates range from April 21, 2012 (when I bought the machine) to present.


                            Also note that I installed the trial version of CS5 first.  At  the time I didn't have my CSS5 cd's with me.  Later on I uninstalled the trial version and used my CS5 cd's to install the programs.


                            Would that have something to do?

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                              videope Level 1

                              Forgot to attach the screen Adobe Folders.png

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                                videope Level 1

                                You know, I think my problem is beyond the scope of Premiere Pro Forum.


                                Should I post this under the Hardware Forum?  I don't see any other forum where I can post this.


                                I need to continue finishing up my project but I am at a standstill waiting to figure out how to fix the problem.


                                Thanks again.

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                                  dnice423 Level 1

                                  i use to have a problem with the suite eating up space. I went in AE>edit>prefeerences>general>media & disk Cache then click on clean database & cache...that solved my problem but i dont know if that will mess up your current project or not....i do this after every project and has worked for me...

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                                    Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                    This forum is fine because it deals with things that Pr is creating more than the hardware used to run Pr.


                                    Find which of those folders is eating up the most space.  See what's inside that folder.  If it's cache files and/or rendered preview files, you can safely delete them to free up space.



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                                      Alan Craven Level 4



                                      I have pretty much the same file list as you, except that I do not use Illustrator or Soundbooth, but I do have Audition.  My Adobe folder is 1.98 GB.


                                      So go down each of those folders in turn, R click and select properties, and as Jeff says, find out which one (or ones) are responsible for all the excess above 2 or 3 GB.  Then come back and tell us which folder it is, and we can take it from there.


                                      It does not appear to be a hardware problem, but some sort of Premiere settings problem, and you have Premiere files on your system drive that should not be there.


                                      You have never responded to my query about the number of hard drives in your system which I mentioned in an earlier post - you originally referred to your hard drive in the singular, which makes me suspect that you do not have your hard drives setup correctly for Premiere to work efficiently

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                                        videope Level 1

                                        I don't see any cache and/or preview files in the Adobe folder which is the one using the 305GB.  The ones inside it  are the ones shown above.


                                        Let me recap the incidents I have experienced:


                                        1)  I installed the trial version of CS5.5  (previously I said CS5 but I missed the .5)


                                        2)  I uninstalled it and installed the CS5 cd's which I had purchased.


                                        3)  The first problem I encountered was THE AMD DRIVER STOPPED RESPONDING and I had to reboot the system to continue.


                                        4)  Lately I found that Encore was not erasing the rewritable disk. 


                                        5)  And finally now I find the excess of space Adobe is using.


                                        Maybe all these issues are connected.  How to fix?  That is the question.


                                        Please help in advising me how to proceed.

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                                          videope Level 1

                                          Re hard drives.  This is the first time - with this machine - that I am using (C:).  And I only have one drive on this computer.


                                          Before, I had used an external drive but regardless... this machine should be able to handle a 5.6MB premiere project.  But the rate Adobe is using space I will need to buy every hard drive in existence.




                                          OK I have gone and check properties on each of the files and the one with the 305GB in use is  the COMMON file.

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                                            Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                            Inside the Common folder, how big is the Media Cache Files folder?  If it's big, just delete it.  Pr will create it again as needed.  Keep an eye on the re-created folder the next time you launch a project and see how fast it increases in size.



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                                              videope Level 1

                                              Further... inside the COMMON files the ADOBE MEDIA CACHE uses the 305GB.


                                              If can go ahead and delete it then I will recoup the space.


                                              Should I just delete it?  And what can I do to prevent this happening again?


                                              I've used CS5 in other machines without encountering this problem and never had to look that hard to find the culprint.

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                                                videope Level 1

                                                Thanks Jeff, I had sent a message before I read yours.


                                                I will delete it... but again... do you have any idea what is causing this?

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                                                  Alan Craven Level 4

                                                  At last!!!!!


                                                  The single hard drive is the problem - you cannot edit successfully with just one hard drive!  What a pity you did not respond to my query about this at the time I made it.  We could all have saved some time, and you would have saved some grief!!!


                                                  Inside your Common folder, you will find folders called  Media Cache and Media Cache Files, and others too.  These two contain all the files Premiere generates to enable you to edit smoothly - many of them are created each time you perform an edit.  These files build up over time and are always greater in total GB than the original media.


                                                  These two folders MUST NOT be on your system drive C:\.  If you cannot add at least one, and preferably more internal drives to your computer, you must add an external drive as you had before.  if you use an external drive this must always be present when you start Premiere or you will be back to square one.


                                                  You must then go to Edit>Preferences>Media, and re-direct these to items to another drive.  In the short term, you can use the clean button you will find there.  That should remove any files that are no longer needed.


                                                  Premiere can easily handle a 5.6 MB project, but you have to provide it with the hardware resources.


                                                  Your media needs to be on a separate hard drive to your OS too, ideally NOT the Media cache/database drive too.


                                                  Please remember that those of us who try to help you may be experienced users of Premiere, but we are not able to second guess details of your system, settings, or procedures.  if we ask you for some information, there is a good reason, as without that information we are hamstrung.

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                                                    dnice423 Level 1

                                                    yea i had told you to use the clean button a couple of hours ago

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                                                      Alan Craven Level 4

                                                      Sorry Jeff,  for the duplication -you gave the answer while I was composing my magnum opus!!!

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                                                        Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                                        It was helpful and indeed very opus-y.



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                                                          videope Level 1

                                                          Alan thank you for your magnum opus.  That's quite a detailed response.


                                                          However, I do not understand Premiere requiring 305GB space to store the working files of such a short project.


                                                          You insist I should have more than one hard drive.  Is that to store the 305GB?  Or is it to prevent it from needing that much space?


                                                          Mind you, even though I have only completed three Premiere projects in my lifetime, I had one twice the size of this one.  I managed with one hard drive and it didn't use as much storage space.  Not even close.  Ignorant as I was, I didn't redirect any media files to another drive.  (I had no clue I should've worried about that.)  And I completed the work without a problem


                                                          Anyway, I will continue with my work and will keep an eye on the space being used.  I will let you know how it goes.


                                                          And, by the way, I used to be at your end.  I used to earn a living troubleshooting programs' behavior and I am very much  aware that the user has to provide the info to help with the diagnosis.  So I understand your position and I thank you for your help.


                                                          Still, the fact that this project used 305GB is of concern to me.  Something is not right somewhere.  I wish I knew where.


                                                          Will let you know if something comes up.


                                                          And thanks again to all you guys.  Nice to know that you are there for us.

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                                                            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                                            The size of the render files can get quite large for long projects. If you are in the habit of rendering, making changes, rendering, making changes and rendering .... Then the space required is going to be significant.


                                                            What I do, on the rare occasions that i have to render at all, is I delete all of the render files just before I go to dinner, or decide to take a break and watch some TV. I delete the files and then hit enter to render.


                                                            That way, only the files I need are on my hard drive. Keeping in mind that I have two 2TB drives in a RAID just for render and cache files, and I still run into danget of running out of room every now and then, you can see that people with smaller drives need to be a little more careful about their storage.

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                                                              videope Level 1

                                                              Thanks Steven,


                                                              I actually do the same.  I don't render much.  I wait.  But when I do render I delete the render file before rendering again.  Sometimes I keep the render file when I don't render the entire project but only a section of it.


                                                              I will keep an eye on the space used as I go along.  It's driving me crazy not knowing what is causing this extreme usage of space.