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    pc to mac


      i have purchased elements 10 & premiere 10 as a package (not) boxed & downloaded to windows pc approx 6 months ago

      my question is how do i go about applying this purchase to my new imac


      im gussing this has come up before but i havnt beeen able to find the answer , hoping someone can assit me


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          Barbara B. Level 7

          If you just want to use it on a mac as a completely separate version, just install it, using the mac discs. If you want to transfer your catalog to the mac, do a full backup in windows using the organizer's backup command, then restore it to the mac.

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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            A download version is normally for a single platform, in your case Windows only. If you upgrade to PSE/PRE11 and get the boxed version you can install on both platforms. Two activations are permitted.

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              Barbara B. Level 7

              Oh, thanks for catching that, 99jon. Yes, you will need to buy PSE again with the download.


              Sorry, forjwerx, so many people who come here use "download" to mean "install" that it didn't register.

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                forjwerx Level 1

                great, thanks guys thats great thats what ill do (upgrade) to "e 11" as a boxed version problem solved @ not much cost , will give me the latest version ,and with very little hassle .


                                          much appreciated.  Forjwerx